French Brand & Concept

The French reference in professional PLANT BASED cosmetics

Made with vegetable and essential oils from Provence, the brand's products are available in several ranges for hair, face and body beauty.

cosmetics & plants at  the service  of Your beauty

Global beauty house, Végétalement Provence is anchored in a sup'organic universe.

Created with beauty professionals, it offers an alternative cosmetic that combines beauty and health. Based on vegetable and essential oils, our creations are far from being simple shampoos that make bubbles, but innovative ranges to enhance the beauty of hair, face and body. Colouring 100% vegetable, hair shine treatments, purifying shampoos, candles 100% organic from farming, relaxing... Enter the world of plant based beauty!

Végétalement provence : a committed plant BASED cosmetics brand

Since its creation, the founders of Végétalement Provence  have been committed to Man, professionals in the beauty industry, the first population affected by diseases due to their profession, but also to the environment. Products and services designed, created and distributed  in an eco-responsible, cruetly free and ethical approach by applying sustainable devlopment at all levels and responding to the needs of quality, responsiveness and support of its customers, both beauty professionals, hairdressers, spa, make-up artists ect. and individuals. The brand also offers 24-hour/48-hour delivery throughout France and training for professionnals at its international academy, an approved training centre. Feel free to contact us for more information.