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Eco-friendly laundry flakes

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Végétalement Provence Ecofriendly laundry flakes is a delicate, hypoallergenic washing product, made from bars of its signature Extra Pure St Rémy Washing Oil. Based on a 100% pure olive oil formula, it is suitable for both machine and hand washes. 

An ecofriendly washing product
Natural and biodegradable, Végétalement Provence Washing Flakes are environmentally low-impact. FREE of phosphates and preservatives, they do not pollute water and are totally in keeping with global challenge of protecting our natural environment. Event its packaging is 100% recyclable.
An efficient and economical washing product
An efficient washing product that removes grease and stains, because it is a concentrate, it requires less packaging and allows for more precise dosage. Every 500g bag guarantees up to 40 washes. 

An ecofriendly washing product

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  1. #Instructions# Expert advice on getting the best out of the Herbal Soap Washing Flakes : 
    Machine washes above 40°C : Dilute 40g to 50g of the flakes in a container with 1litre of hot water. Vigorously shake the container to ensure the flakes are properly dissolved. Add 30cl of the liquid soap directly into the washing machine drum.  Machine washes below 40°C :  Take 20 to 25g of flakes, grind and place them directly in the drum of the machine, in the heart of the laundry. Hand washing : Dilute 20g to 25g of the flakes in 1/2 litre of hot water. Rub items, then rinse thoroughly with clear water, either hot or warm. 
    Usage warnings : Avoid contact with eyes and if so, rinse thoroughly with clear water. For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. 
  2. #Expert tips# For an extra soft wash : add white vinegar to rinsing water to make woolens extra soft and more pleasant to wear. For a scented wash : add few drops of essential oils to the wash. For brilliant whites : add to the wash a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda or a handful of washing soda. Washing machine maintenance : regularly add a glass of white vinegar to the conditioner compartment in order to avoid any build-up of soap deposits.