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Beauty product discovery bag

(Code: VG8TBC-BD)
194.00 AUD

A chance to experience our must-haves for hair and skin care

A wellbeing package for a rediscovery of beauty:

Hydrating careproducts essentials to reveal hair natural beauty: the Hydrating Shampoo andthe No-Rinse Hydrating Mist.

The Pure OilsShower Gel:

A unique experience, with a 100% plant fragrance, a fluid and creamy texture, and adelicate fragrance from essential and plant oils. A specially designed formulathat is 100% skin-friendly.

For a sublime moment of escape and pleasure.

Inner wellbeing:

Discover thebenefits of hibiscus and peppermint. To be enjoyed either hot or cold. Anti-stress, antioxidant, anddetox properties.

Bonus gifts: 1 x50 g bar of the VP Washing Oil and 1 x VP 100% cotton beauty pouch.