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The post-coloring trio

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The chance to giftthe sensation VP colorant pack

A 3-step regimenfor beautiful colored hair

The AntioxidantShampoo 200 ml:

The best ofcolouring protectors. Thanks to a unique formula, rich in active antioxidantcomponents and pure plant vitamins, making it much more than just a shampoo, itis a genuine hair care product that enhances the shine of hair and durablyprotects highlights.

The AntioxidantBalm 200 ml:

A conditionerthat protects color, a highly concentrated melting texture allows it to actinstantly on the capillary fiber. It enhances hair’s natural beauty and gentlydetangles, while also providing protection for highlights and boosting shine,acting in perfect synergy with the Antioxidant Shampoo.

The No-rinseHydrating Mist 200 ml :

An exception careproduct that does not require any setting time and the VP must-have.

The HydratingMist has been specially designed for all hair types and provides the essentialhydration and protection needed before exposure to a source of heat (dryer, iron,etc). Hair is left very silky, disciplined and perfectly detangled. Ultra fast& with no setting time!

All packed in a prettyVP gift box, with a bonus gift of a VP pouch in jute cloth.