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Magnet therapy bracelet

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86.00 AUD
The Universal Beauty Group uses magnet therapy to target muscoloskeletal disorders (MSDs) of the wrist, elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, ect. For hairdressers, it is often their arms that most often come in play with regards to repetitive actions and strenuous movements. UBG thus sought to develop a therapeutic magnet that targets the wrist for a powerful local application, that diffuses activity throughout the arm. The bracelet will help prevent athrosis, arthritis and chronic bone pain by encouraging the secretion of endorphins, powerful neurotransmitters produced by the body that are know for their analgesic properties and that support general wellbeing. 

Category : Accessories 

  1. #Instructions# When carpal tunnel tissues, such as ligaments and tendons, become swollen and inflamed, they cause pressure on the median nerve provoking numbness and pain in the hand. Due to the large numbers  this problem affects, UBG developed this bracelet 100% made from therapeutic magnets. Its 50 powerful magnets will help restore complete proper functioning of the hand. For articular or muscular pain, the bracelet should be worn either on the wrist or around the ankle. There is also the possibility of magnetising water with the bracelet. 

    Usage warnings
    : this product should not be used if pregnant or by those who are fitted with pacemakers or similar battery operated devices, including hearing aids. 
  2. #Good to know# The bracelet is entirely covered in black, anti-allergy peint and for short period of contact will not lead to the disruption of phones or watches. Its 50 links can be undone, so as to be best adapted to different wrist and ankle sizes. Finally, their long term impact is assured by the fact that magnets only lose about 3% of their strength every 100% years.