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Love purity

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324.00 AUD

A healthy scalp and aerated hair,

The love gift set.

The best combination of VP products for a deep care of the scalp and the capillary fiber:

Intense Purifying Shampoo 1L, for a deep, yet unaggressive cleansing of the scalp.

"Fire" Hair Spa lotion 100 ml, the essential ally for the comfort of scalps affected by sensitivity, irritations and/or dandruff. Its powerful formula of active plant components provide a strong soothing action and provide an immediate feeling of freshness and wellbeing.

Dead Sea Salt 200 g, an excellent support to remineralise the capillary fiber. Also, gives radiance to the scalp and eliminates scalp toxins.

Bonus gifts: two pump action containers with rotating dispenser spout + one 150 g bar of Washing oil + one eco-friendly 100% cotton Végétalement Provence bag.