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Large detangling comb

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An FSC* treated and certified bamboo wood comb

The teeth of this vegan comb with rounded, laser-cut ends have been specially designed and studied not to damage the scalp. Bamboo wood neutralizes static electricity and makes it possible to close hair scales, making it a primary care action for hair. With its ergonomic handle that provides a good grip, it is a must-have for effective and gentle detangling, even with curly or frizzy hair.

  1. #Instructions#User instructions for the Large detangling comb : Detangle the hair strand by strand, starting at the ends, steadily working your way up to the roots. Expert tip: Use on dry hair, which is less fragile than when wet.
    Usage warnings :
    Keep out of the reach of children
  2. #Features#Upkeep : Do not soak in water. Remove hair after each use. Clean with the Delabre & Faraco Brush Cleaner, compatible with all D&F combs.
    * wood harvested from forests or plantations that are responsibly and sustainably managed