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The Infusette

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The Infusette by VP is a glass mug with an integrated infuser.

It is an original 100% BPA-free product, which allows for the flavors of a tea or herbal tea not to be altered by other materials such as metal or plastic upon contact with boiling water.

This teapot-for-one makes wonderfully tasteful teas and is equipped with a hermetic bamboo cap that can be placed under the cup and protect the table. Suitable for both hot and cold infusions.

Easy to use and allowing the preparation of a customized brew for one, with just the right dose of tea or other leaf mix, either with a teabag or loose leaves (0 teabag = 0waste).

380 ml glass mug, sold in sets of 4 mugs.

Category:Organic herbal teas

  1. #Contains#

    Set of 4Infusettes: 1 pack of 4 glass mugs:

    4 mugs, 4 wooden covers, 4 infuses, wrapped separately.

    Usage warnings: It is advisable not to put boiling water immediately into a mug, but rather wait 2 minutes after the water has finished boiling so the temperature drops slightly. Keep out of the reach of children.

  2. #Advice#See our catalogue of organic herbal teas. Remember to reserve used herbal tea waste material for composting #zerowaste

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