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Flat brush with wooden bristles – L

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A pneumatic vegan hairbrush made with 100% plant rubber and FSC* treated and certified bamboo wood. For gentle detangling and brushing.

Using  a wooden hairbrush is the primary care that can be given to hair on a daily basis. 
Wood, with its antistatic properties, closes the scales in hair to keep it healthy. It is a particularly practical brush to use thanks to its light, ergonomic, bamboo handle, and its 100% plant-based air cushion that easily penetrates hair. Its wooden bristles with rounded heads provide gentle detangling that helps stimulate microcirculation of the scalp.

  1. Instructions: Detangle the hair strand by strand, starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots.  

  2. Expert tip for smooth and silky hair: use the brush on dry hair and together with the D&F hair dryer.

  3. Upkeep: Do not soak in water. Remove hair after each use. Clean with the Delabre & Faraco Brush Cleaner, compatible with the entire collection

    * wood harvested from forests or plantations that are responsibly and sustainably managed
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