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Double detangling comb

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A vegan comb made from certified FSC* bamboo wood with double sized teeth.
The double detangling comb is the essential hair accessory to efficiently detangle hair thanks to its two sized and spaced teeth. Its laser-cut rounded ends have been specially designed and tested so as not to damage the scalp. Its key benefit : bamboo wood that neutralizes static electricity and closes hair scales, thereby helping hair healthy.

Suitable for all hair types
  1. #Instructions#User instructions for the Double detangling comb : Detangle the hair strand by strand, starting at the ends, steadily working your way up to the roots.  Detangle first with the more spaced out teeth, then the more narrowly spaced ones.
    Usage warnings :
      Keep out of the reach of children.
  2. #Features#Upkeep : Do not soak in water. Remove hair after each use. Clean with the Delabre & Faraco Brush Cleaner, compatible with all D&F combs.
    * wood harvested from forests or plantations that are responsibly and sustainably managed