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Apricot jam 100% fruit

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Organic Jam from Provence 
no preservatives* and lower un carbonhydrates


Made in the beautiful Provence region, our ORGANIC jam is made from 100% fruit and cauldron cooked according a traditional recipe using processes that totally respect the environment. This jam contains no added sugar in order to best make its fruity flavour truly stand out. An organic jam for delightful moments of indulgence throughout the day : as a spread on bread, to go with a dairy snack, and for use in sweet or savoury recipes.

Made from 100% fruit 


Category : Herbal tea & french jam 

  1. #Instructions#

    Can be enjoyed alone, or as an accompaniment, reasonably... but above all at your own discretion.

    Usage warnings
    : Keep refrigerated after opening.
    Best to used before :
    see lid for date.  
  2. #Composition# Ingredients : 50% organic apricot, organic concentrated grape juice, acidifier : organic concentrated lemon juice, calcium citrate, gellant : fruit pectin. May contain traces of nuts. Prepared with 52g of fruits for 100g.