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Nutrition trio

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161.00 AUD

The gift of thenutrition trio

a 3-steprepairing beauty regimen

The NourishingShampoo 200 ml:

This shampoo isdesigned for hair that is naturally very dry, or that has become sensitized dueto the use of chemical products leaving it brittle. Its aim is to restoresuppleness, vigor, strength and radiance. Rich in nutrients, vitamins andrepairing essential oils, hair is made healthy, stronger and shinier.

The NourishingBalm 200 ml:

A sublime rinsingtreatment for hair that is colored, highlighted, decolored, very dry, damagedor brittle. Provides body, shine, strength and essential nutrients for hair. Itregenerates, repairs and protects the capillary fiber, which recovers itsnatural radiance and vitality.

The No-rinseHydrating Mist 200 ml:

An exception careproduct that does not require any setting time and the VP must-have.

The HydratingMist has been specially designed for all hair types and provides the essentialhydration and protection needed before exposure to a source of heat (dryer,iron, etc). Hair is left very silky, disciplined and perfectly detangled. Ultrafast & with no setting time!

All packed in apretty VP gift box, with a bonus gift of a VP pouch in jute cloth.