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Bleaching oil

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An essential tool for all alternative hair salons that offer lightening work.
Ideal for subtle and natural results, to lighten light hair, or add some lighter shades to darker hair.

The bleaching oil is ammonia-free, odorless and made with aloe vera. It delicately lightens hair by lifting up to 4 tones in 1 or 2 seating. This product allows the hair colourist to create the most in vogue shades and light-dark effects while fully respecting the hair fiber.
Thanks to aloe vera, hair is made silkier and ultra shiny. The great advantage of this bleaching oil is that hair is not left with yellow or orange undertone.

500 ml - Exclusively for professional use.

Category: Lightening

  1. #Useradvice# Instructions for the Bleaching oil: dilution 1+1.5. Example: mix 20 g of the bleaching oil with 30 g of the oxidant cream 20, 30 or 40 volumes (6, 9or 12%) with reference to the original color and the desired shade. Processing time: up to 45 mins. Monitor hair regularly until the desired color is obtained.Once the setting time has elapsed, massage gently and rinse off with warm water, then wash hair with the Végétalement Provence Antioxidant Shampoo. This treatment can be repeated until the desired lightening has been obtained.
  2. #Usage warnings# Wear gloves for the application. Carry out the touch test protocol before a first application. Avoid contact to the eyes, and if so, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Exclusively for external use. Keep out of the reach of children.
  3. #Cruelty free# ♥ Not tested on animals. This cosmetic is suitable for a Vegan lifestyle.
  4. #Composition# Ingrédients : Aqua - Laureth-10 - Propylène glycol - Ethanolamine - Laureth-4 - Cetyl Alcohol - Peg-2-cocamine - Methoxyisopropanol - Isopropyl alcohol - Parfum - Aloe Barbadensis - Hypericum perforatum - EDTA.