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n°28, Plant bath, Amla

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It is a 100% plant based organic colour, a colour with no addition of chemicals! A real long-term hair care product, it covers grey hair while respecting the nature of the hair and without modifying its structure.
A global cosmetics company, Végétalement Provence  is very technical and very vegetable.

A philosophy that is once again materialized in this collection:
> 100% Ayurvedic plants from organic farming
> It can be done on natural hair as well as on chemically coloured hair.

Exclusive professional product

500g paper bag

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Category: Cataplasme

  1. #Instructions#Instructions of use for the cataplasme: Use the VP Intense Purifying Shampoo to clean and oxygenate the scalp before applying the Cataplasme. Mix 50 g of powder + 150 g of water (refer to your training sheet for temperature). Leave it on between 10 minutes and 1h30 depending on the diagnosis. With or without heat input. Rinse and apply a Moisturizing, Nourishing Balm, Balsamic Mask or Intense VP Care Butter Mask according to your diagnosis.

    Usage warning: Avoid contact with eyes, if this is the case, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Exclusive external use. Keep out of reach of children.  Perform a test button 48 hours before application.

    ♥ Not tested on animals ♥ This cosmetic is suitable to a Vegan lifestyle.

  2. #Composition#Contains plants extracts of Amla (Emblica Officinalis). Ingrédients: Emblica officinalis (Amla) Fruit Powder.