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The first range 100 % made  of plant based  keratin for damaged and really dry hair

Végétalement Provence develops the first keatin range made 100 % with plants for damaged and really dry hair, sensitized and coarse. 

A new sup'organique range  that restores and reveals the forgotten beauty of the hair that needs care, while respecting their fragile and delicate nature. We offer a complete super treatment protocol that will penetrates deeply for healthy and luminous hair.

Végétalement Provence spirit? Cosmetics made of purist content.

The beauty DNA through health

Go above and beyond for hair treatments, in their effectiveness and their application whike using the 100% as a base, that is the ideaVégétalement Provence implements in this new range.

Developed with the desire of  not using chemical elements, such as parabens, synthetic agents, or preservatives ... the 100% plant based keratin range alines with our philosopy!

Repeating the fundamental principles that have placed VP as a pioneering brand of alternative cosmetic, the new range for very dry and damaged hair takes root in nature and in what it offers us. A treatment protocol with purist content, which gives you only the best.

Végétalement Provence takes care of all hair types...

The hair has always been a very strong symbol of femininity since the beginning of time. For a long time, women did not uncover their heads. They hid their hair under veils or hats  in order to hide the power of seduction attributed to it.

Today, women show their hair, transform it, color it and bleach it. And all these modifications cause embrittlement of the hair fiber. Especially since almost half of women have textured hair, wether wavy, curly, or frizzy hair.(source : Biblond-Marsh/April 2017). Hair, which by nature is more vulnerable to fragility.

And nearly 90% of women find their hair damaged by the fact that today more then ever they are  changing colour and form so frequently.

The new 100% plant based keratin range, designed by Végétalement Provence will solve this problem. Our treatments will allow you to get hair as its ultimate health, radiant and strong.

A thorough treatment protocole that rebuilds your dry and damages hair for a longer.

This unique range concept ? 

The perfect alliance between the acute knowledge of the plant and Végétalement Provence professional expertise. 

Botanical ingrédients ...

Unlike the rest of the market distributing conventional products, Végétalement Provence once again draws in its knowledge of the botanical world to create professional products without any synthetic or animal derived keratin.

Thanks to our savoir-faire, we have created a new line to meet the different needs of this type of hair by inserting 100% plant based keratins. Its  amino acides are the same as the ones the hair is made of, therefor will recognize it and bond with it.

Sup'organique so

Sup'assimilable ! 

Plant based keratins slected in its latest creations VP :  

Wheat protein

hydrating and fortifying it will increase the hair capacity to receive and retain water.

Corn protein

that will be highly  nutritious while reparing the hair cuticules by coating it. 

Soy protein

that will strengthen and repair the hair fiber while adding shine

But also bamboo extract that will have a remineralization action on the hair while fortifying it. White lily will restore the hydration at the core of the hair and  the fine Provence lavender oils present in this new range will bring calming, purifying regenerative and repairing properties to the hair fiber. 

Natural components to enhance the character of textured hair.

For a complete treatment protocol!

Repairing moisturizing Shampoo that will work on the hair: helps preventing breakage while providing a dose of softness and extreme shine.

Mastic (for a protocole in salon) will strengthen, nourish and restructure the hair intensely, deep within its fiber. A restorative cream rich in nutrients, it is considered as the cement of the hair. A real treatment that instantly restores strength and vigor to very dry and damaged hair.

Booster (for a protocole in salon) under the texture of a creamy oil will help the assimilation of mastic in and on the hair fiber.

Intense butter Mask, composed of noble plant ingredients and exceptionally chosen to meet the different needs of very dry and damaged hair, will act on the hair fiber by regenerating it. It will have a restorative and moisturizing action to restore all the majestic beauty of textured hair. Fighting breakage, providing shine and exceptional flexibility, this intense  butter mask completes this treatment protocol.

Intense nutritive oil, with its very rich content of plant active ingredients, botanical oils and essential oils, will act on the hair immediately.

Co-Wash is a sup'organic cleansing conditioner, consisting of protective plant active ingredients that cleans without attacking the hair. It brings softness and shine without weighing the hair fiber down thanks in particular to sweet almond oil having nourishing and fortifying properties, shea butter that will nourish deeply by bringing shine to the hair and officinal sage essential oil which will purify and revitalize the hair.

La gamme pour les cheveux très secs et abîmés (TSA) se compose de six produits, qui s'utilisent de manière ludique, que ce soit chez votre coiffeur ou chez vous, en soin complémentaire. 

A complete range for a thorough treatment protocol adapted to very dry and damaged hair.

You will find all the original beauty of your textured hair.