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Barber range awarded by the Innovation Prize at the French MCB


Végétalement Provence offers a concept dedicated to men with the best 100% organic Barber range  .

Formulated with powerful plant active ingredients, it received the Innovation Prize  in the category "hair cosmetics" at the Mondial de la Beauté and Coiffure in Paris.

The Barber concept is a true 2-in-1 skincare range that keeps the beard under control and moisturizes the skin.

---> More details about the VP Barber range to discover in our post "Végétalement remporte l'Awards de l'Innovation" in our digital magazine InspirebyVP.

A Barber concept"men tailored" impregnated...

In the VP philosophy, plant cosmetics

The whole VP barber range, like all our other ranges, was conceived and designed with the intention of not using petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic agents or preservatives. Why ? To deliver you nothing but the best of the plant world and all perfumed with 100% natural scents.

In addition to being products to maintain the beard, they are genuine treatments that you can use with no moderation. Composed of oils, milks and mousses, the range offers creamy, airy textures, which make it a unique beauty ritual that you can find on our on line magazine InspirebyVP :

And in the trend of botanical grooming

What do men want today? Is taking care of them with facial treatments, beard grooming products and relaxing massage(Le Figaro, 2018).  

The Barber line is part of the trend of male cosmetics and allows you to combine facial treatment, beard care and relaxation in a single range.

Because the razor blades can be irritating and tugging, the Oil of Life or the Aftershave milk take care of the skin hydrolipidic film  that plays a protector role. The Barber range thus helps fight against skin aging while offering you a moment of intense relaxation.

A healthy skin provides a supple, toned beard that is easy to maintain with professionnals brush and combs Delabre&Faraco.

The perfect bearded man beauty ritual 

Discover the perfect beauty routine in 3 steps! Keeping a healthy, supple and silky beard requires some maintenance. Especially since facial hair needs special attention because of their nature...

VP Barber univers: a unique formulation of plant extracts which can associate up to 15 plant extracts

  • Sweet almond, jojoba to nourish and regenerate

  • Lemon, citron to bring freshness

  • Chamomile and lavender to soothe

★★★    Oil life , a true must-have   ★★★


What is VP Barber range secret with its 100% organic formulation?

In front of an international jury and leading beauty brands , VP stood out at the MCB with an innovative concept, always with the plant as the heart of research. Plant active ingredients have been rigorously chosen to sublimate the beard hair and the  the mustache and regenerate the skin before, during and after shaving.

           Because alternative beauty exists for men, VP has             selected for you the best vegetable ingredients                   and essential oils to take care of the beard and                     the  skin at the same time, all in a super-                                   invigorating sup'organic composition.

           Formulated with aloe vera, jojoba oil, argan,                           peppermint, vitamin E and much more, the                             Barber  range makes the beard healthy, nourished             and protected as much to leave the skin, which is               hydrated instantly. Not only, the skin is                                     regenerated and soft to the touch, soothed.

           No need to move, the Barber by VP universe is                   now in your bathroom to provide you with an                       unparalleled olfactory and sensory experience.

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