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Awarded by  the "Prix de l’Innovation aux Nouvelles Esthétiques 2019"

First professional plant based beauty range « La Peau » has been awarded with "le Prix de l’Innovation H.Pierantoni" at the Beauty salon in Paris.

Végétalement Provence thanks to its expertise in advanced biotechnology, has developed for you a ritual of facial, body and spa treatments. Unique and customizable, the line is olfactory and emotional for you to find a harmony body and mind: happy therapy.

VP philosophy as the foundation of la Peau  

Treatments advocating « beauty through health & health through beauty»

The range -Skin- is faithful to all other plant based ranges by VP. With creations containing a multitude of plant actives, the creations of the line are super rich, innovative and bio assimilable.

-Skin- is part of a respectful approach toward the body and nature, with organic compositions containing a small percentage of water and without plastic microbeads. Indeed, those beads  are so small they cannot be filtered in the water treatment plants and sadly end up in the seas.

Theface scrub

for example does not contain microbeads, harmful to the environment and aggressive to the skin. It's the rice starch that will come gently exfoliate your face while giving it shine.

To learn more about the scrub ritual, visit our dedicated article, to find on our digital magazine InspirebyVP:

Free from Paraben

silicone, mineral

oil and other


components, the

ingredients are

100% from plants

to penetrate deep

in the skin.

Why ?

Because the living matter recognizes the living matter, and it is precisely why Végétalement Provemce guarantees a total efficiency.

Focus : exfoliating

Discover why scrubing is essential!

The scrub is the most important step of your beauty routine. Why ? It allows a good assimilation of daily care such as lotions, creams, masks ...

And because when it comes to beauty , VP sees it in a holistic way, the universe of the Skin covers all the needs: from the scalp to the tips of the feet .... for a moment of intense well-being.


Since 25% of aging is linked to genes, we have control over the 75% remaining, by acting on our environment, our life style and our emotions. The superb plant creations are to maintain, over the years its purist approach, a balance between what deteriorates and regenerates, which decreases naturally with age.

Stéphanie Barriol, la Peau technical Director


Targeted treatment, a complete customizable beauty face and body ritual 

The art of layering treatments to boost results and optimize assimilation,

it is the beauty ritual that we are offering through our -Skin- concept. 

At your disposal, milks and gels cleaners, lotions, creams, scrubs and masks, for a super complete range and unpublished.

  • Concentrated in plant ingredients with therapeutic qualities, each of the creations brings a targeted action

  • Accompanied by unique sensory scents, the pleasure is assured to all treatments layers  lavished on your skin

But also ?

VP pushes the beauty concept even further with its range of facial, body, skin spa and hair spa treatments.

Not just beauty treatments, they are comforting textures, personalized wellness gestures, unique techniques and exclusive tools for extreme relaxation.

A 360° concept suitable for all skin types

Because it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect treatment, VP face and body treatments line is fun.

With products numbered from 0 to 10 - ranging from eye makeup remover cream to draining body detox cream - , our range allows you to establish a treatment ritual easy to apply and suitable for all skin types.

Plant active ingredients have been rigorously selected in order to respond precisely to every skin concerns . Whether it is a normal, dry, mixed or sensitive skin type, these treatments are designed to reveal your original beauty.

Use without moderation on daily with 5 creams - hydrating, purifying, soothing, antioxydant and lifting - or weekly with 7 Gentle srcub or Body srcub.

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Tonifying rose ,moisturizing coconut or even repairingcastor oil,

we have found what nature does best.

What purpose ?


VP treatments stimulate cell regeneration


Targeted products that ensure continuous hydration


A skin protected from external aggressions


Optimized efficiency thanks to perfect hygiene

A world of well-being and relaxation: VP Spa

Face ,and body treatmenst , but also a universe entirely dedicated to skin and hair spa, that's what VP's green chemistry expertise has designed for you.

Inspired by the Ayurveda - an approach based on the harmony of the body and mind - the collection unites the world of skin and the universe of hair. Why ? Because the scalp is primarily skin, it is important to have a healthy scalp to get beautiful hair.

How ?

Through a sup'organic cocktail enriched with infusions and synergies of essential oils you can customize according to your desires. Creamy textures, gels, oils and olfactory touches of ylang ylang, lavender, thyme or lemon, everything is made to transport you.

Make La Peau your ally everyday and find harmony with yourself and a total appeasement.

Ayurveda : the secret of well-being

Discover the 6 benefits !

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