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Professional hair colour, with essential and plant based oils

"Sans & Sens : A botanical oil bath in a professional colour

Végétalement Provence is at the origin of a revolution among the beauty professionals  by bringing a solution  to the colour world with Sans & Sens, a product that is plant based and  health friendly.

Our oil color makes the hair look more beautiful and healthier thanks to an oleic innovation that allows to eliminate ammonia as well as any other harmful components, such as silicone and paraben, and those from the petrochemical industry. An intelligent coloring of nearly 80 shades: rich in vegetable oils and royal jelly, nutritious and moisturizing natural active ingredients for the hair, it gives it strength and shine while offering 100% grey chair overage hair.

A true plant innovation with no ammonia, no parabene, no synthetic perfume, no sodium sulfate laureth, no formaldehyde, no silicone, no petrochemical derivative.

Botanical oil, an amazing tool for the colorists and the hair

Thanks to the botanical oils synergy, it colours the core of the fiber, highly effective and long lasting. The collection can meet all the customers  needs, requirements and desires. With nearly 80 shades, four co-revealing milk trengths and 6 intensifiers (yellow, orange, red, green, purple and blue), it is even suitable for people with allergies and those wit resistent hair.

Its particularity: one single compact range for a back to the source experience for the technician.

"Sans & Sens" colour different facets

With the one Végétalement Provence botanical oil colour range , you can offer 4 different services:

  • Semi colour ton on ton to bring reflects.
  • Permanent colour to lift, darken, cover greys hair to 100%.
  • Toner or gloss ideal after highlights, balayage or a full head of bleach.
  • Low lights to the addition of a few drops of Végétalement Provence thickener in the mix.
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