French Brand & Concept

"Go further in deep efficiency"

The leader in alternative cosmetics presents in exclusivity, the Celliss, 100% French, high-end, natural and holistic approach dedicated, in particular, to slimming and anticellulite treatments. A radically different technological gem, more efficient than any other on the market: Végétalement Provence has teamed up with a medical engineering laboratory, the French leader in radiological imaging, to offer a new generation tool for (re) shape the silhouette and fight cellulite, but not only. A global beauty approach, the Celliss is also a health, well-being and sport tool allied to the vegetal cosmetic universe signed by VP, all managed by artificial intelligence. It combines performance, precision, personalization and softness.

The slimming innovation is French !

Patented method

Thought to reinvent and amplify natural phenomena, Celliss is based on a non-invasive mechanical action of percussion waves and aspirations in the physiological sense of drainage. 96 nozzles massage simultaneously 5000 cm2 of the body: thighs, hips and buttocks or belly according to the position, with an intensity and an adjustable speed to act on the adipose and muscular tissues. Efficiency multiplied, also thanks to the "free hand" innovation : the treatment does not depend on the experience or the performance of an operator. No aggressive error possible.

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Celliss 4 fields of action 


Slimming & firmness

A powerful slimming and anti-cellulite tool, Celliss reduces the appearance of orange peel skin, refine and reshap the silhouette like carving the buttocks, toning the belly. It also promotes skin tone.


Drainage & detox

Celliss frees the venous and lymphatic circulation improving drainage. Decongestant, it fights against heavy legs and water retention. It also helps to reduce the post-operative effects and optimize the post-intervention results for the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, after a liposuction for example. It also causes better elimination of edema and hematoma.


Relaxation & massage

The wellness program is specially designed for spas and beauty salons. It offers the possibility of completing the usual treatments with a Celliss relaxing program. Personalized program,  with all protocols, massages can be personalized and adjusted throughout the treatment.


Preparation et recovery

CELLISS optimizes performances ! Some sports like triathlon or even rugby

and swimming are very demanding on a cardiovascular, muscular and articular level: the athlete's body is intensely and frequently challenged. Celliss offers remarkable effective technological massage process in preparation and recovery for high level athletes.

The plant based asset,

Draining Detox Cream 10

A 360 ° beauty concept: Végétalement Provence has developed a complementary cream to continue and optimize the action and results of the Celliss daily. The draining detox cream number 10 part of SKIN collection by VP relies on a specific synergy of plant extracts, carefully selected for their targeted action.

The main plant assets are ivy and birch, known for their detox action:

Ivy: anti-cellulite tonic It contains saponins that help the lipids stored in the adipocytes to return to the bloodstream to be eliminated. It is also firming, thus decreasing the effect of orange peel skin and has soothing virtues.

Birch: Composed of more than 97% methyl salicylate, yellow birch essential oil is known for its anti-inflammatory effects. Traditionally recommended for accompaniment in case of muscular or articular discomfort, yellow birch essential oil provides a soothing sensation.

Also formulated with myrtle essential oil, as well as invigorating lavender and lemon, the detox draining cream applied morning and evening promotes the elimination of toxins, firms tissues and prevents cellulite. Shea butter, finally, super moisturizer, helps maintain the flexibility of the skin. A well hydrated skin allows an optimal action for Celliss.

Sup'organinic, like the whole collection of cosmeceutically signed Végétalement Provence, Detox Drainage Cream contain NO Paraben, NO synthetic fragrance, NO synthetic preservative and consorts ...