French Brand & Concept

No beauty without health

The beauty professional is in danger and it is why Végétalement Provence. was created.  Hairdressers are the most afected in the whole of the beauty industry  but also all professions.

Végétalement Provence is anchored in the plant based unnivers. Rich in therapeutic assets, it is the best choice for he hair, the skin and soul health & beauty.  Exalted by Végétalement  Provence, it blooms beauty, becomes sup'organic: pure cosmetics.


"There is growing scientific evidence linking chemical exposures to adverse health effects." One observation: synthetic cosmetics cause cutaneous reactions in 15 to 20% of the population. The trend is even more apparent for the hairdressing and barbering profession, which IARC3 has classified in group 2A, that is to say probably carcinogenic to humans.

Some numbers

• 30% cases of occupational asthma come from the hairdressing sector.

• 78% occupational diseases in the hairsdressing industry are of allergic origin.

• There are 5 times more occupational diseases in the hairdressing trades than in the overall working population across all sectors and 10 times more in respect of respiratory and skin diseases.


Plant based or Botanical, organic and natural, are not the same thing: the plant is composed of 100% flowers, leaves, roots, vegetable oils, essential oils, fresh plant juice while "organic" has lower requirements. The Cosmeco label requires only 5% of ingredients from organic farming, Cosmebio and Ecocert, the national leader, 10%, while accepting the presence of synthetic preservatives ... Not to forget, "natural" includes everything which comes from the soil, including oil and its derivatives!

VP Awards

With several awards for innovation, supported by the public bank for innovation (BPI) for R & D, cited as an example of dynamism in the face of the crisis by the network of Chambers of Commerce of France, Végétalement Provence is regularly rewarded both for his corporate values ​​and his creations.

2017 has been a year of local, national, international and professional recognition. VP house won the Trophée des Entrepreneurs Positives and the Innovation Trophy in the "professional cosmetics" category at the Mondial de la Beauté in Paris, in front of L'Oréal Professionnel, among others.