French Brand & Concept

The house of alternative cosmetics

Global beauty house, Végétalement Provence anchores itself in a sup’organic universe.If we are born with the demanding beauty professionals, the first population affected by eczema, allergies, and asthma in their work environment, VP is also a must-have for smart personalities around the globe and of all those who want to combine health, beauty, well-being and technicality. Far from being a simple shampoo that makes bubbles, our creations express an expertise in green chemistry without equal. Innovation and sustainable development are two cornerstones of our house rooted in its native Provence, based in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, which Vincent Van Gogh and many other artists and people of the world have fallen in love with. where VP draws its values: generosity, light, color, and plants rich in therapeutic assets and aromas.

Global beauty concept, from beauty to hairdressing, its professional quality creations cover all the worlds: shampoos, treatments, colour, makeup, face and body care, make-up brushes, hair cutting accessories ... but also maintenance , hygiene, solar, dogs and cats. All in many different formats to satisfy all requests.

Enter in the confidential world of premium beauty.


Rarity in the world of beauty, Végétalement Provence offers luxury within reach of a bottle. From a rich land with a strong identity, it uses all the benefits of vegetable oils and essential oils to seduce the most demanding and give meaning to the ritual of daily beauty. Reference in alternative cosmetics its collections are as desirable as they are effective. The secret ? A history rooted in Provence and beauty & health as a concept. The Végétalement Provence brand was born from the meeting of two committed professionals eager to share their values, borrowed from requirements, a keen sense of quality, and a deep respect for the environment.

«We want to develop what we have always dreamed of building, "explain Jean-Marc Delabre and Vincent Faraco. "Our cosmetics are not just pretty bottles, with pretty ingredients, they are very technical creations. Our products are 100% plant based, rich in active ingredients. What marks our difference is precisely our expertise in beauty and the marriage we offer with our expertise in green chemistry. "

Concept & engagement

«We invented a new way of designing a cosmetic, but also a new way of consuming cosmetics. Végétalement Provence is a house with a 360 ° offer. In this type of market, the offer is usually segmented by sector: hair,body, face treatment products,  makeup ...

We have brought all these universes together under one unique identity. We first identified the needs of professionals, to offer a super differentiating offer and make live a unique customer experience. "Végétalement Provence is an eco-responsible philosophy, from packaging to headquarters, the largest building eco-friendly, in wood, dedicated to beauty in the south of France which also hostes their International Academy. We are committed to limiting the environmental impact of its creations. And as there is no respect for the earth, without respect for man, it adopts sustainable development at all levels, internal practices, but also with its employees & partners.

France, Provence, in the heart of beauty

Végétalement Provence was born in France, an international reference, particularly in the world of cosmetics, and in a historical and cultural region: Provence. Savoir-faire, authenticity, elegance, respect and tradition are values ​​that shape it as much as the brand. Its colors, its olive and lavender fields, its flora, its ochres, its rich soil, make it a land of magic, a generous land. A source without equal.